Of Love and Life and all the shit in between

So, I fell in love. Just like that.

It doesn't seem to be a feeling of constant obsession. Or maybe that's where I'm wrong. I don't think all the time about him. Sometimes days go by and he hasn't been on my mind a single moment. 

But there was a connection. A real one. It was unreal, it was like a fucking movie scene. Something like this does not happen, not like that.

He might not be right for me. He might not even be good for me. I only regret that I probably won't have the chance to explore this thing, this something between us. 

I changed my life so much in the past 6 months. I am not who I was and of course, we always change with time, but now I have to find myself again. And I don't like all that I find and I don't want all that I see. But I welcome it nonetheless and try to take it in stride.

Make lemonade of the lemons life gives you. Cheezy, yet never truer.

22.1.11 01:11


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